THE BUSINESS SYSTEM – Markets, Government and International Trade

ECONOMIC SYSTEM: The system a society uses to provide the goods and services it needs to survive and flourish. GLOBALIZATION: The process by which the economic and social systems of nations are connected together so that goods, services, capital, and knowledge move freely between nations. TRADITION BASED SOCIETIES: Societies that rely on traditional communal roles […]


ETHIC OF CARE: An ethic that emphasizes cring for the concrete well being of those near to us. ETHIC OF VIRTUE: An ethic based on evaluations of the moral character of persons or groups. UTILITARIANISM: A general term for any view that holds that actions and policies should be evaluated on the basis of the […]

Business Ethics – Various Definitions and Theories

Business Ethics: The principles of conduct governing an individual or a group. Business Ethics: Ethics is the study of Morality.   Ethics is not the same as morality, it is a study  of various dimensions of Morality. Ethics is the discipline that examines one’s moral standards or the moral standards of a society. WHAT IS […]


Business Ethics is applied ethics in the day to day operations of the business. It is the on the court application of our understanding or what is good and right to that assortment of institutions, technologies,transactions,activities and pursuits that we call BUSINESS. Although ethics may be the best policy, the ethical course of aciton is […]

Culture & Consumer Behaviour

CULTURE : The study of culture is the study of all aspects of a society. It is the language, knowledge, laws, and customs that give that society its distinctive character and personality. In the context of consumer behaviour, culture is defined as the sum total of learned behaviours, beliefs, values, customs that serve to regulate […]

Social Class and Consumer Behaviour

SOCIAL CLASSES & CONSUMER BEHAVIOURS: Social Stratification, the divison of memebrs of a society into a hierarchy of distinct social classes, exists in all societies and cultures. Social class usually is defined by the amount of status that members of a specific class possess in relation to members of other classes. Social-class membership often serves […]

Consumer Behaviour Influencers

Consumer Behaviour & Purchase Decisions Influenced by Reference Groups and Families Almost all individuals regularly interact with other people who directly or indirectly influence their purchase decisions. Therefore, the study of groups and their impacts on the individual is of great importance,specially for the marketers who want to influence the consumer behaviours in favour of […]

Marketing Communication and Consumer Behaviour

MARKETING COMMUNICATION: There are 5 basic components of communication: Sender Receiver Medium Message Feedback   In the communications process, the sender encodes the message using words,pictures, symbols sends it through a selected medium. The receiver decodes the message based on his or her personal characteristics and experience, and responds based on such factors as selective […]

Consumer Attitutde

What is an Attitude? An attitude is a learned predisposition to behave in a consistently favourable or unfavourable way with respect to a given object whether it is a product, product category, a brand, a service, an advertisement, a website, a store etc., Each property of this definition is critical to understanding why and how […]

Consumer Learning

What is Consumer Learning? Consumer Learning is the process by which individuals acquire the purchase and consumption knowledge and experience they apply to future related behaviour. Most of the learning is incidental. Some of it is intentional. Basic elements that contribute to an understanding of learning are:   Motivation Cues Response Reinforcement   There are […]

Consumer Perception

Perception is the process by which individuals select, organize and interpret stimuli into a meaningful and coherent picture of the world. Perception has strategy implications for marketers because consumers make decisions based on what they perceive rather than on the basis of objective reality. Consumers selections of stimuli from the environment are based on the […]

Consumer Research – Personality & Consumer Behaviour

Personality can be described as the psychological characteristics that both determine and reflect how a person responds to his or her environment. Although mostly the personality tends to remain consistent and enduring, it may change abruptly in response to a major life events. Personality also change gradually over time. Theories: 3 theories of personality are […]

RECESSION STRATEGY – Honour your Vision and Core Values

What should you do when in Recession? How to Create the right Recession Strategy? Maybe, more than anytime else, Recession is the time for the companies to be true to their Vision, get more focused on fulfilling their mission and dedicatedly honour their core values. This is the time, when the companies and their top […]

Our Work in Education Field

As management consultants and advisers, we have had the privilege to work on various interesting and esteemed projects in the field of Education.   Delhi Public School, Ahmedabad   – a K-12 CBSE School Calorex Institute of Technology – a VLSI Chip Design Institute DPS Prerna (DPS Nalanda) – A School for Dyslexic Children VISAMO […]

Consumer Motivation

What is Consumer Motivation? Motivation is the driving force within individuals that impels them to action. This driving force is produced by a state of uncomfortable tension, which exists as the result of an unsatisfied need. All individuals have needs, wants and desires. The individual’s subconscious drive to reduce need-induced tensions results in behaviour that he or she […]

Consumer Research

What is Consumer Research? The field of Consumer Research developed as an extension of the field of Market Research to enable the marketers to predict how the consumers would react in the marketplace and to understand the reasons of the various purchase decisions taken. What is Positivism ? Consumer Research undertaken from a managerial perspective […]

Market Segmentation

Market Segmentation and diversity are complementary concepts. Without a diverse marketplace, composed of many different peoples with different backgrounds, cultures,environments,paradigms, thoughts processes, interests, needs and wants, there really would be little reason to segment markets. Earlier Mass Marketing – selling the same product or service package to everyone, was the most widely used marketing strategy, […]

Customer and Consumer Behaviour

The study of consumer behaviour enables the marketers to fully understand and be able to predict the consumer behaviours. It deals with not only with what the customer buy, but also with why, when, where, how, and how often they buy it. Consumer Research is the Methodology that is used to study Customer and Consumer […]

Consultative Sales – First Step – Pre Sales Preparation

Pre Sales Preparation is one of the most under estimated sales tool. Over a period of time, pre sales preparation gets compromised for one reason or the other. There is always some other urgent, seemingly more important work running the clock, and this foundation keeps getting neglected. Consultative Sales is built on Credibility. Credibility is […]

Change Management – First Deal with Harboured Resentments

The impact of Harboured Resentments could be the following: 1. You have traitors in the game, who pretend to be committed to what you are planning, but are secretly waiting for or even planning your failure. You trust them and they will betray you.  If you delegate to them, then it is your funeral. 2. […]

Key Challenge of Change Management & How to deal with it

There are innumerable challenges in any Change Management Processes, whether the change management is in a for profit or not for profit organization. The key factor that everyone knows for change management is People. But, what may not be known is the real challenge in dealing with People. The real challenge in most cases is […]

Some More Information on Courses available at Landmark Education

As a lifetime participant and a person assisting, we have found most of the courses available at Landmark education to be very rewarding and enriching. The curriculum for living has the following courses: 1. The Landmark Forum 2. The Landmark Forum in Action ( Seminar Series) 3. The Landmark Advanced Course 4. The Landmark Self […]

Recommended Education for All – Landmark Education

We spend 16 years for our Schooling and Education that enables us to earn a living. Landmark Education provides Learning for Living a Life you love and Living Life Powerfully. The education starts with a 3 & 1/2days and the whole curriculum can be completed within 6 months or so. Please check the website: […]

Books: E-Myth Mastery and Awakening the Entrepreneur within

Some other good books from E-Myth and Michael Gerber. E Myth Mastery – The 7 essential disciplines for building a World Class Company Awakening the Entrepreneur Within Websites: Must read for all entrepreneurs and all those inspiring to be entrepreneurs. How to create organizations which are run by systems and those systems are […]

TOWS – Threat, Opportunity, Weakness, Strengths

SWOT has been the standard approach for any business analysis and personal analysis. Now the trend is to look at the Threats first, and hence the reverse approach to start with T O W S. SWOT can be said to be Inside out way of thinking and TOWS can be said to be the outside […]

WISH LIST from Management Consultants

Taking services of Management Consultants, If you had an opportunity to have all your wishes fulfilled, what would they be: You may list the Top 5 Items on your wish list. MANAGEMENT INNOVATIONS; ; 91-9375970812

Complaints and Unfulfilled Expectations against Management Consultants

We invite all of you to write to us on or on this blog, based on your first hand experiences, what have been your moments of dissatisfaction, what have been your complaints, where you have found the Management Consultants not delivering your expectations, where have you found them not in your world. The opportunity […]

Recommended Readings for Recession Times

If you have not read by now, or even if you have read it once, good time to re- read the extra ordinary book and concept by Management Guru – C.K. Prahlad – “The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid”. The biggest innovations in the management field have been the new, out of the […]

Recommended Readings for Entrepreneurs

We have found E-Myth, and its various related products by Michael Gerber, including E-Myth revisited, in the dreaming room and various other books and online products a great source for all entrepreneurs. E-myth guides the entrepreneurs in creating an organization that is not dependent on them, that is systems driven, people are able to grow […]

Profile for Your Reference

manoj_onkar_-_president coo ceo director   Also check   Write to;; 919375970812

How are you using Social Networking sites?

Are you using social networking sites for expanding your business, finding potential team members, finding potential service providers with the right references, finding the best sales channel, best technologists,best consultants? do you want to use social networking sites to build your business, find new customers, do subtle marketing? Contact us Management Innovations;; 919375970812

How are you leveraging the Net for your Business?

Do you have a product with good brand recognition in the offline world, but do not have much online presence? How many customers are coming to you because of your online presence? How much percentage of your business is happening because of your online marketing? What is your online marketing strategy? do you want to […]

What is your vision? What is your dream?

What is your dream and vision for your organization, we are here to support you in fulfilling the same. Write to us on If you want support in articulating your vision? Getting clear on the plans for your business? or creating strategies for your business growth or dealing with any other challenges like Marketing/Sales/HR/Systems/Processes/Training feel […]

RECESSION – Shortage of Ideas

Recession can also be looked upon as an environment, in which industries have stopped causing enough value addition to its client base. Recession is, where the value of your services go down drastically and the premium that you were once expecting, same products and services are now being sold at discount and at some level, […]

Cost Cutting – How and Why? Are you cutting your flab or your arm?

Cost Cutting is very important in a slow down but at the same time, one has to ask oneself are you cutting down costs or are you cutting down your muscle, your strengths. Right Sizing is important. Are you cutting down the non- productive people, or are you cutting the non-political people? Are you cutting […]

Old Customer Relationships for dealing with the Economic Slowdown

STRENGTHEN YOUR RELATIONSHIPS WITH THE OLD CUSTOMERS: In a growing economy, you can focus on the new business and can survive and even grow without having to fully serve the old customers. The Customer Relationships and the Loyal Customer Base becomes the lifeline for surviving the Recession. If you have been maintaining great sustained well […]

How to Survive the Recession: Sell like Mad and keep your Market Share

MAINTAIN YOUR MARKET SHARE: Sell. Sell. Sell. And Sell. Sell. Sell. And  Sell. Sell. Sell.   Sell more products, cover more market, Offer more product range, Offer value added services, Offer economical options, offer packages, offer low cost, offer gaurantees, offer combos, offer free stuff, etc., Sell. Sell. Sell. Increaes your market penetration. Maintain Relationship […]


Spin Selling by Huthwaite UK is one of the highly researched sales models. Neil Rackham also has published books on SPIN SELLING including Handbook of field Sales. We can support companies in converting all their marketing and selling in alignment with the principles of the SPIN selling models. The Presales, the Appointment Process, the Understanding […]


What kind of topics are required to be covered in the sales trainings? How long is the Sales training supposed to be? What is the required frequency of the Sales training ? First things first. * Do the Sales Team have the basic communication skills, if not, deal with that immediately or find repalcements. * […]

Consultative Sales

Consultative Sales methods like SPIN Selling, Action Selling and other world class sales methodologies are important not only for the sales team, but for actually the whole company. One of the top management consultants had once mentioned – how many sales people should be there in a company. As many as the No. of staff […]

Consultative Sales (Customers come to you during Recession also)

Like you go to the doctors, when you have a problem. Consultative Sales will help you get connected and engaged with the customers to the level that they would come to you first for solving the problems that they are facing. Sales Training, Pre Sales, SPIN Selling, Consultative Sales, Proposal Making, Proposing Solutions, Negotiations, Closing […]

SALES, MARKETING & MARKET RESEARCH (Make your company recession proof)

Sales, marketing, market research are a dynamic cycle of continuous study and implementation. Researching the various target customers based on our best ability to serve their needs in the most effective manner, creates a great relationship between the customers and the company. As the customer needs keep changing, mapping the needs on a regular basis, […]

Strategy Implementation – BSC (Balanced Scorecard way)

Balanced Scorecard by Dr. Robert Kaplan and Dr. David Norton is one of the strong tools available currently in supporting the companies to get clear of their strategy and to do holistic, organization wide implementation. Strategy Maps and Balanced scorecards are very useful tools for strategy planning, communication, monitoring, evaluation, course correction and overall implementation. […]

Strategy Creation – SWOT, TOWS & Blue Ocean Thinking

Strategy creation begins with SWOT or actually better is TOWS i.e. SWOT in reverse. Starting with Threats, Opportunities, Weakness and Strengths. As we facilitate the TOWS analysis, you will see lot of inputs on which you can create the strategy. Industry Analysis, Competition Analysis and Blue Ocean Thinking. Organizational Strategy will also include product strategy, […]

How we help you implement your vision,mission and values

An original authentic vision is always easy to share with passion and get people’s alignment.                                                                  You will be guided on how to share […]

How we help you create your Vision,Mission & Core Values

We do not believe in Vision Statements and Mission Statements. You want some good statements, please search on google, get some interesting ones and play with words and create a good one for yourself. We are interested in VISION and not just Vision Statement. VISION is not available in the search on google. Vision is […]

For Educational Institutions

Educationists and Educational Institutions are our first love. We have full understanding of the various challenges faced by you. We have worked with half a dozen institutions and have helped them setup, grow and flourish. Some of the Educational Institutions that we have worked with include: DPS (Delhi Public School, Bopal) Calorex Institute of Technology […]

For Government, Associations & NGOs

Inside of our commitment to make a big and lasting difference, we consider it our privilege to be able to support various initiatives of the government, associations and the NGOs.                      Authorised persons who have to right to represent the concerned departments are encouraged to get […]

FREE ADVISORY SERVICE – Consulting,Mentoring,Coaching,Training & Counselling

An Experiment in Open Source Consulting. We are starting a breakthrough concept. FREE CONSULTING, MENTORING, COACHING & COUNSELLING. We will start with free consulting online on a wide variety of topics: VISION, MISSION & CORE VALUE – creation and org. alignment GROWTH STRATEGY OD, CULTURE BUILDING, LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROCESS CONSULTING MARKETING (offline, online & eCommerce) […]

Terms and Conditions for FREE Consulting Services

Terms and Conditions for FREE Consulting Services:  Consulting Services available will include Consulting,Mentoring,Coaching, Training, Counselling. All companies and individuals requesting the FREE Consulting will be sending the details of their company and the topics on which they want these advisory services by email or on the blogs. For any further clarity on any of the […]