How we help you create your Vision,Mission & Core Values Tuesday, Nov 4 2008 

We do not believe in Vision Statements and Mission Statements. You want some good statements, please search on google, get some interesting ones and play with words and create a good one for yourself.

We are interested in VISION and not just Vision Statement.

VISION is not available in the search on google. Vision is available on search in your self, your dreams, your ambitions, your values, your priorities and your view of life.

We will guide you to explore and get in touch with your real vision and how you can have your enterprise be fulfilling that vision.

An authentic vision, when shared, creates full enrollment and inspiration for the team members and staff. Alignment becomes easy and you can deal with the next step that is Strategy.

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For Educational Institutions Tuesday, Nov 4 2008 

Educationists and Educational Institutions are our first love.

We have full understanding of the various challenges faced by you.

We have worked with half a dozen institutions and have helped them setup, grow and flourish.

Some of the Educational Institutions that we have worked with include:

  • DPS (Delhi Public School, Bopal)
  • Calorex Institute of Technology
  • DPS Prerna (DPS Nalanda)
  • Visamo Kids Foundation
  • Zydus School for Excellence
  • Vivekananda Institue of Indian Management

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Looking forward to create magic in your institutions.

This will be our service to society.



For Government, Associations & NGOs Tuesday, Nov 4 2008 

  • Inside of our commitment to make a big and lasting difference, we consider it our privilege to be able to support various initiatives of the government, associations and the NGOs.                     
  • Authorised persons who have to right to represent the concerned departments are encouraged to get in communication with us directly.                                                                        
  • We will go out of our way to contribute and make a difference to your projects.

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Some of the Related Organizations that we have worked with include:

  • GCERT (Gujarat State Council for Education, Research and Training) – through their Gandhinagar DIET (Distrinct Institute of Education and Training)

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For Entreprenuers Tuesday, Nov 4 2008 

  1. We love supporting entrepreneurs, specially the ones who are willing to learn the world class management systems and grow their organizations systemically.                                                                         
  2. We have some extra ordinary contribution planned for you.

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For SME Tuesday, Nov 4 2008 

  1. Compete with the biggies, by getting the best management advice from experts.                                                                                                     
  2. Break the shackles.                                                                                                         
  3. Dream Big and Achieve it.

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FREE ADVISORY SERVICE – Consulting,Mentoring,Coaching,Training & Counselling Tuesday, Nov 4 2008 

An Experiment in Open Source Consulting.
We are starting a breakthrough concept. FREE CONSULTING, MENTORING, COACHING & COUNSELLING.
We will start with free consulting online on a wide variety of topics:

  1. VISION, MISSION & CORE VALUE – creation and org. alignment
  5. MARKETING (offline, online & eCommerce)
  6. SALES
  7. HR
  8. TRAINING (Sales, Customer Care, Marketing, Leadership, Soft Skills,Attitude, Team Work etc.,)

Terms and Conditions for FREE Consulting Services Tuesday, Nov 4 2008 

Terms and Conditions for FREE Consulting Services: 

  1. Consulting Services available will include Consulting,Mentoring,Coaching, Training, Counselling.
  2. All companies and individuals requesting the FREE Consulting will be sending the details of their company and the topics on which they want these advisory services by email or on the blogs.
  3. For any further clarity on any of the responses provided, the concerned companies and individuals will have the freedom to be in communication on email/blog again without any charges whatsoever.
  4. In extra ordinary circumstances, telephonic services may be provided on the sole decision of Management Innovations.
  5. Customers using these services are expected to be sharing back the results and progress that they accomplish utilizing our services and we expect to get testimonials and recommendations from them.
  6. Management Innovations will reserve all the rights to use the database for its website or blogs as client profiles and client testimonials. But no information will be shared with any other party. We are completely against SPAM and will not do or allow anybody to do any spamming.
  7. All the advisory services will be given to the best of our ability and based on the information shared. Management Innovations and the consultants involved will not have any liability towards the actual implementation or the actual results and that will remain the complete responsibility of the company and the people involved.
  8. For any further clarification, please feel free to ask on the blog or by email to