If you have not read by now, or even if you have read it once, good time to re- read the extra ordinary book and concept by Management Guru – C.K. Prahlad – “The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid”.

The biggest innovations in the management field have been the new, out of the box, revenue models and business models.

Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid concept gets companies access to markets, which were generally not even considered as potential markets ( and of course they are the bigger ocean).

Companies will have to rethink their business models, but those new business models created for tapping the bottom of the pyramid may alter the history of the enterprise as well as the industry and it has a parallel opportunity to make a big difference to the society, while taking care of the stake holders and the stock holders requirements.

Along with that we also recommend the book BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY.

Using both the books as reference points, one can create a unique strategy which will help the companies whether small or big, to emerge as WINNERS in the current times as well as in the future to come.


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2 thoughts on “Recommended Readings for Recession Times

  1. I squarely blame lack of ethics at the top level of management of top Corporate houses and banks have led to the present financial quagmire.
    All possible models and management strategies have collapsed like nine pins.
    What we need is to evolve a”new credit leveraged models ” which would save the globe at least from another credit crisis. Totally a new approach is called for to mange our banking ,insurance , private savings and investments.Pumping money in to the system will not bring any solace to the current monetary crisis which has engulfed to globe due to lack of ethics and public governance.This is the correct time for scholars and politicians to come out with their new brand of ideas and wisdom. Try create a new global currency, scrap age old stuffs like IMF, World Bank and so on.
    Global economic dynamism in the last 50 years have drastically Changed. we need to change for the best.Old solutions to new problems will add more problems than concrete results.


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