WISH LIST from Management Consultants

Taking services of Management Consultants, If you had an opportunity to have all your wishes fulfilled,

what would they be:

You may list the Top 5 Items on your wish list.


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Complaints and Unfulfilled Expectations against Management Consultants

We invite all of you to write to us on managementinnovations2020@gmail.com or on this blog, based on your first hand experiences, what have been your moments of dissatisfaction, what have been your complaints, where you have found the Management Consultants not delivering your expectations, where have you found them not in your world.

The opportunity is to share and create awareness and also get inputs on what to do in such situations. 

This would be a WIN WIN for the clients and the consultants reading this blog.

Requested to avoid the names of the consultants and the consultancy firms.


managmentinnovations2020@gmail.com; manojonkar@gmail.com, 919375970812