Management Principles developed by Henri Fayol: 

  1. DIVISION OF WORK: Work should be divided among individuals and groups to ensure  that effort and attention are focused on special portions of the task. Fayol presented work specialization as the best way to use the human resources of the organization.                                                                                                                   
  2. AUTHORITY: The concepts of Authority and responsibility are closely related. Authority was defined by Fayol as the right to give orders and the power to exact obedience. Responsibility involves being accountable, and is therefore naturally associated with authority. Whoever assumes authority also assumes responsibility.                                                              
  3. DISCIPLINE: A successful organization requires the common effort of workers. Penalties should be applied judiciously to encourage this common effort.                                                                              
  4. UNITY OF COMMAND: Workers should receive orders from only one manager.                                                                                              
  5. UNITY OF DIRECTION: The entire organization should be moving towards a common objective in a common direction.                                                                                                        
  6. SUBORDINATION OF INDIVIDUAL INTERESTS TO THE GENERAL INTERESTS: The interests of one person should not take priority over the interests of the organization as a whole.                                                                                                                                        
  7. REMUNERATION: Many variables, such as cost of living, supply of qualified personnel, general business conditions, and success of the business, should be considered in determining a worker’s rate of pay.                                                                                                  
  8. CENTRALIZATION: Fayol defined centralization as lowering the importance of the subordinate role. Decentralization is increasing the importance. The degree to which centralization or decentralization should be adopted depends on the specific organization in which the manager is working.                                                                                                                  
  9. SCALAR CHAIN: Managers in hierarchies are part of a chain like authority scale. Each manager, from the first line supervisor to the president, possess certain amounts of authority. The President possesses the most authority; the first line supervisor the least. Lower level managers should always keep upper level managers informed of their work activities. The existence of a scalar chain and adherence to it are necessary if the organization is to be successful.                                                                                                    
  10. ORDER: For the sake of efficiency and coordination, all materials and people related to a specific kind of work should be treated as equally as possible.                                                                          
  11. EQUITY: All employees should be treated as equally as possible.                                                                                                                 
  12. STABILITY OF TENURE OF PERSONNEL: Retaining productive employees should always be a high priority of management. Recruitment and Selection Costs, as well as increased product-reject rates are usually associated with hiring new workers.                                                                                                 
  13. INITIATIVE: Management should take steps to encourage worker initiative, which is defined as new or additional work activity undertaken through self direction.                                                    
  14. ESPIRIT DE CORPS: Management should encourage harmony and general good feelings among employees.





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    1. Dear Nikita,

      Thanks for reading the blog and asking the question.

      I invite you to do some thinking and share what you see, as how these principles are applicable.

      After that thnking, i invite you to ask specific question regarding application of a specific principle in a specific organizational setup. that might be more useful.


      Manoj Onkar


  1. i’m a student. i need henri fayol principles because i will submit the assignment.this is easy to understand and i’m very thakfull of you.

    1. The principles were basically grouped under:
      1.Technical activities – Production, manufacture
      2. Commercial activities – buying, selling exchange
      3. Security activities – Protection of property and persons
      4. Financial Activity- Optimal use of capital
      5. Accounting Activities – stock taking, balance sheet and statistics
      6. Managerial or administrative activities


  3. i like ESPIRIT DE CORP, hope managers will read this clearly. for every organiastion want to achieve her goals these 14 principle are the main key.

  4. We discussed this in our class this morning. And we think that Number 4 (unity of command) and Number 5 (unity of direction) is the same.
    And do you think? =) just sharing.

    1. Thanks Weng Gamitin for your response.

      You are assuming Unity of Command will lead to Unity of direction. That is ideal situation, but many a times it does not happen that way.

      One of the reason for the difference between the two, is lack of clear strategy and lack of discipline on sticking to the strategy and not doing anything which is contrary to the strategy. Easier said than done.

      Manoj Onkar
      Managmenet Innovations

  5. Thanks to the developer n may u go on doing so.I have liked it coz it is easy to understand.MAY GOD BLESS YOU ABUDANTLY

  6. Please,explain the difficulties that may arise if number 1 to 5 of your principles are not properly applied within an organization.

  7. With references to an organisation (eg. Telecommunication company), discuss the applicability of the Fayol’s 14 principles of management.

  8. i want to thank henri fayol for what he has done concerningthis discoveries. The 14 principle of management has helped me alot and has also helped many student so far. I love this site and i pray may God increase u in jesus name amen.

    1. Your performence should keep in managerial function .The among people towards what you saying about the management

  9. as business student i must appreciate that this’s a wonderful work believe me very few undetrstand the concepts n principles of mgt by henry fayol that’s why we do have mgt crisis in most of our institution tyhanks God bless ya i need more on maslows theory n its applicability to institutions


  11. Henri fayol’s principles are very good and i hope it would help me further a lot..
    Thanks to the website for introducing this site…

  12. i want to thank henry fayol on his work to help the student.i am student of poly ibadan oyo state nigeria.thanks

  13. Henri fayol principles are very necessary for the success of a company he brought a great revolution in business site;

  14. Thank God for people like Henry Fayol, who gave us particularly students of public administration the opportunity to know and apply these principles which will less hectic and cumbasome of managers’ joy by 14 principles
    Thank God for his life.
    From Nigeria

  15. Ram Ram sir,

    Thanks ,ur 14 principles of management help me alot 2 overcum a typical issue in a organisation.

    Thanks alot

    1. EFFECTIVE, the organization obtains the set goals. EFFICIENT, the goals are obtained at the lowest cost possible in terms of resources and time. Henry F. Mulindwa, UGANDA

  16. identify the problem which may arise in an organisation where each of the 14 principles is not adhered to

  17. Wow! Its wonderful,the scholar H Fayol has done it all,the principles can be applied in every aspect of human endeavour.

  18. Dis site should b named ‘HUMAN DEVELOPER’ cos i can see how positively it has helped we Management students in our academics.God bless!

  19. I love this but how can i get it stuck to my head because this principles are very important for me to build my career.Thanks

  20. Thiz site should have been named “Bed learning” coz ones can learn at the comfort of his/her bed! itz so useful and helpful!

  21. thanks for providing all me all the information required for my presentation and helping me to gain more knowledge about management.

  22. You have given an optimized amount of explanation o each principle. this accounts to be a perfect answer in a question paper. thanks.

  23. I like this site very much.What is the difference between the scintific management school theory(Fedrick W Taylor) and classical management theory(Henri Fayol)?Pls answer me.

  24. What are the positive effects of each of the following?
    1)division of work
    5)unity of direction

  25. I realy give cudos to this Website developer. He made Henri Fayol 14 principle more clearer and understandable to people who have being going through difficulties in understanding them. Pls, is this Principles generaly aplicable to both small scale, medium scale and Big organization? Answere to

  26. very superb that Mr Henry Fayol has done it all and made it very easier for all student of management and whoever is in need of it, and for the better operate of a business organization

    1. i find it impossible to imagine how creative some one of fayol’s generation could com up with brilliant ideas of this magnitude.congrats

  27. Equity is hardly found in the work place. When it comes to the problem of sexual harrassment, if a lady does not respond to her superior the one that responds sexually is treated well, but she on the other hand gets harrssed and abused all the time. I wish all organizations would keep this principle in mind

  28. i want to get more information about how useful these 14 principles management prove beneficial for a modern day manager in his/her function.

    1. the 14 principles of management propounded by HENRY FAYOL has made us to the fundamental truth in an organization and also defined the line of authority and responsibility in and organization.

    1. the principle of HENRY FAYOL’S has help in any aspect of business, it made to understand the the principle of management has help many organization today in achieving their objective with it principle no any organization would stand a chance of achieving their goals. so the introduction of 14 principle as plays a major role in any successful organization today.

  29. Its a priviledge even to visit this site. This is because, even as a Management and Accounting student i have gained alot even from Henri Fayol’s principle. God bless you

  30. i cant believe all these miracles made by henri fayol. he has stressed out the true format of how to manage organization efficiently, productively and effectively. he has offered a wide range of skills and knowlegde to these who need it especially me martin so congrajulations he deserve a credit for his theories

      1. isn’t it true that remuneration as a way of encouraging participation can lead to worker”s laxity in job?

  31. In the life management henry fayol is a backbone for both E-management and office management, it is henry fayol make clearity between F(2M+O) =HRM. function(maneger, messenger and others) is equal to human resources managemen, Thanks.

  32. In the life management henry fayol is a backbone for both E-management and office management, it is henry fayol make clearity between F(2M+O) =HRM. function(maneger, messenger and others) is equal to human resources management, Thanks.

  33. Please, i’m a student of management science. I wil like to know how this 14 principles affect the management of today.

  34. could someone please explain to me further the meaning of the scalar chain as being a principle of management?

  35. Am a student of accouting and I a course principle of management. And I need study guildline of principle of management.

  36. thanks for the page of henri fayol. i guessed he has triumphed all of these like an experiment …yet …good management depends on the kind of attitude / behavior a certain individual has NOT because of what degree he/she earns …

  37. thanks for this site. pls i want to know the effect of the contribution of henri fayol to the development of management?

  38. Sir Could you please explain how the Henry Fayol’s 14 principles relevent to indian administration? or How can we adopt these principles to indian administration?

  39. thanx for providing such notz……it was realy relevant……the language was so simple and understanding……………….thanx once again

  40. Pls can u delibrate on the orgin of the principle of management or did henri fayol start the whole principle

  41. I lyk SUBORDINATION OF INDIVIDUALS INTEREST TO THE GENESAL AND EQUITY I hope mangers will abibe by it b’cos som mangers are showin partiality in organization n places of work.

    1. first of all we have to make the illiterate employees aware about the procedures of the organisation. then make it more practicalised rather than theoratical application of principles.. the peoples get more simple while make it practical

  42. It is one the most important principles for the future managers . .. . .. By heart it and it will be very much useful

  43. i just start studying management and i think there is no any organization can use fayol, max weber or any other and focus on it they have to play and jump from one to another school as the per the situation, even though, there are some principles not working well in our life like centralization

  44. thanks 4 the developers who helps me to study the principles thoroughly&briefly….will you please give me examples for each?thereby i can know that how it is applicable…….!

  45. the explanation given for STABILITY OF TENURE IS NOT CORRECT it means reduction of unnecesary shifting of employee from one job to other.

  46. I very thankful to u for these fayol’s principles but why not include these examples where these apply….plz include examples also,,,,

  47. I very thankful to u for these fayol’s principles but why not include these examples where these apply….plz include examples also,,,,

  48. Thanks for that nice site. Am a student, and I would like to know the clear- cut differences between management and administration

  49. An organisation that do not practice these principles to the letter and efforts to ensure the needs prove abortive, what should: (1) The management do? (2) The employee do if he/she is affected due to mgt failure to apply these principles?

  50. Hai sir.I want you to thank for providing a nots on principals of management as i was in need of this and i took help from your notes for the prepration of my assignment.thank you once again sir.

    1. management is a social science, when we look at the school of management thought, we have scientific management school, which means workers believe in one best way to perform there task, and these one best way is a scientific method.

    1. the words management is very necessary to any business organization because, it involve the following function, planing, organizing, leading and control the effort of orders to perform a task, in going into any business in this world, you require plan without planing you cannot even organize without organizing they is not nothing to lead and without all these you have no any business to idea to run. therefore, management as the name implies is very necessary in all aspect of any business one has to engage his/her self into.

  51. am a human resource manager in one of export processing zone EPZ at athi river in atleast we are able to implement most of this principles

  52. making co. private is better than govt, as being shown in some developing countries especially banking ,telecommunication and inssurance sector.

  53. Please, i’m a student of management science. I wil like to know how this 14 principles can be aplied in organisatoin in nigeria

  54. Hello sir, this is what even i have learned.. i have referred to various websites and mangement books. But i still coudnt find my answer. I want to know how these principles can be applied in a departmental store??? Its pretty much common sense. But then why did Fayol give these principles??? Actually im doing an assignment. So it wld be really helpful if u cld answer the question.

    Thank you.

  55. Am really appreciate what u’re done 4 those students in mgt science i pray dat God will continue give u more wisdow and understanding am sogmate at oscotech dept of acct

  56. i want feyol principles whether followed in dominos or nor nd what are advantages nd disadvantages of not following the principles

  57. what a powerful contributions u people have made. thanks very much it is making the students to really likes management.

  58. being a student at the university level I personally felt happy after seeing 14 points of management in detail. keeep it up mr, Fayol

  59. Respected sir I ‘m a student i need henry fayol 14 principles with examples because i had to submit the assignment this is easy to understand and iam very thankfull of you….

  60. tanx alot people this makes learning more interesting. some more info’s ov abt five functions ov mangment according to fayol please?

  61. management is the approach of experience,motivation,intiation,leadership,science,arts ,organisation & staffing .but just to mention afew. am a student at MKU studing principles of management which has made metothink big beyond mgnt level.

  62. The 14 principles of management propounded by Henri Fayol, exist only in theory in Nigeria’s public sector. Number 4, 6, 7, 11, 12 & 13. are not applicable, number 11 Equity can not even be mention even in the police, Nigeria operate on the principle of ethnicity, federal character, tribe, man know man, and religion. I wander where we are heading to.

  63. This is my second lectural i have in management.henry farol i will be like u soon.Ezeoka prosper will have his own principals of management bkus i love dis theory very much.nd i love modern management it self

  64. Man votal ltd is a company that has been doing well over the years, she is known by its well paid wages to the workers, but of recent the management decided to reduce pay to the workers by 60% and that has resulted to low performance by the workers. Which aspect of Fayol’s 14 principles was breached and what would be your submission in order to remedy the situation in man votal ltd?

  65. Any organization without culture will not live, any without well defined levels of authority will have leadership problem, any without spelt out duties will not be effective and any without peace and unity will not excel. Pay is very important in an organisation and must be given attention, managers who take side in judgement are not good managers. How many Fayol’s principle of management were affected in the analysis above. Kindly give a brief submission on the entire situation stated above.

    1. full name Henri Fayor he was born 1841 and died 1925 he was major contributor 2 scientific management thought & leading french industrialist in he published his famous book ‘admistration industrielle et generale(general and industrial management) in the book Fayol proposed the 14 principles of management.

    2. HENRY FAYOL(1981-1925): He was a french mining engineer. He worked as the director of mines also.After conducting many experiments in management,he developed 14 principles of management. These principles are explained in his famous book ‘General and Industrial Administration’. Due to his contribution to management, he is called the father of Modern Management’.

      Shifin Philips

  66. this principles prooved to b very help for my exams as it came for 10 marks .. thanks for providing me with the 14 principles of henri Fayol

  67. A company has been known by its well paid wages to the workers,but of recent the management decided to reduce the pay to the workers by 60% and that has result to low performance by the workers.which aspect of fayol’s 14 principles of management were breached and what would your submission be in order to remedy the situation in the company.

  68. i want to know how this 14 principles applied to any company like tcs or reliance?? plz rply soon i want to make my project…

  69. Gud a.m. Wel i hav cin most of ur input, some negetiv some positiv, but al d same tanx. Henry fayol develop dis principle out of xperienz {scul of hard knock}, wen he was servin hir master he discover dat dis tinz wer nt der so wen he bcam d oga he came up wid dis principles. Tanx i luv u al, compliment of d season

  70. Dear Sir,
    I would like to thanks for your valuable text you have provided. The knowledge is really very precious and can not be found like this.

    Thanks & Regards
    Yogendra Tiwari

  71. hello… would you please give me examples for each principle in an organization?? how do companies deal with each of the 14 principles? please I need your help

  72. when i was in college..i keep memorizing his 14 principles, great author!
    it help me a lot, in paving my career !
    thanks a lot Mr. Fayol

  73. Managers in some organisations are very corrupt and this hinders The applicatiön of henry fayols principles Of where part of Workers salary Is spent on bribing the supervisors! _(reuben langat:marist International university)

  74. Some of the managers fails to comply with these principles yet they are very important in any organization or company. They make the company to run smoothly without any misunderstanding between the employees and employers.

  75. The principle of order is very important but I think it was not well explainned.I feel it ought to be ”the act of having the right job/work being done by the right person at the right time using the right tools & equipments at the right place in the correct way. or ORDER may mean the right resources being at the right place in time for use and has to be used in a manner priscribed for it.

  76. Management should also put motivation aspect very seriously in any organization to help every employee put his best into the job so as to enhance greater achievement.

  77. Management should also put motivation aspect seriously in any organization to help every employee put his best into the job so as to enhance greater achievement.

  78. The book is a Bible or Bhagwat Gita which means always referable by anybody who wants to be a perfect Manager with Principles

  79. I am a management student, and just came accross this site. I then say it a blessing to all concern students. “Great thanks to the developers”

  80. i need this principles of management to submit as my assignment thankyou so much making me understand it in such an easy manner

  81. I like it. i would require if i can get this through mail it will bridge the communication gap. the principles can be applied coz it covers all what is needed to keep the organisation on track

  82. I didnt know abov those principles but they have just asked us them today in the test. Infact i have failed the paper!

  83. the henRi faYoLs pRinCipLes are such eaSy 2 undErStand .. OuR inStRuctor toLd us to oNly PasS 12 pRinCipLeS buT i maKe it as 14 pRinCples (folLOwing fayols pRInciple). thnks ..

  84. i hav agreed that without these 14 principles, mgt cannot success it own affairs but mi quitz is that wat is different btw number 10 n 11

  85. How can I relate the theory propounded by wilson Taylor and henry joseph fray or to the modern days management activities

  86. please assist me with an essay that describes the application of the 14 principles of management by Henry fayol in a known organization. Thanks you.

  87. if the organizations that are given a responsibility to service people could apply these methods all what we see as daily violent protests can be thanks the past

  88. I am pleased with the document, its educative summerized and flows I think after reading it some changes will occur in my organization.

  89. Please I would like to know if these 14principles are really effective in some organizations and also to know those organizations who really takes it seriously

  90. Is human resource planning different from human resource management and how. Please I need your help,am studying Bachelors of human resource management

  91. I am reading in 2 commerce in BJB junior college and I am influenced by your principles. Can you tell me how the principles has its effect on management of our country and how can the principles are made to be more proficient ?

  92. It is very interesting concepts but i want to ask one thing essential,what are the criteria for employee promotion,delegation and development

  93. thanks for that informatio,am limvbali ronald from kabale university.are these principles applicable in newly opened schools

  94. Am at Uganda Managment Institute pursuing DPPM. Am really thankfull With u Henri Fayol, great mind and work. God bless u

  95. can u please tell me how these principle help in todays working catagory and in financing organisation?

  96. IN VIEW OF THE NEW CHALLENGES OF 21St century, which among the management principles do you think can help improve pricate sector performance?

  97. IN VIEW OF THE NEW CHALLENGES OF 21St century, which among the management principles do you think can help improve private sector performance?

  98. sir thanks for the 14 principles of management but can you make this 14 principles more easier. it is little bit tough to us

  99. am arcad wilbroad ilamu from Tanzania institute of accountance,its trully what henry fayols says though in action may be differ according to how,what and where do management conduct it in practice

  100. To what extent is Henri Fayol’s principles of management applicable in Nigeria. Explain the relationships between management levels and skills. Thank you.

  101. Wow! Nice and good tips on management. My question is there difference between this Fayols 14 principles of management and principles of scientific management.

  102. Management is said to be the act of getting done through people. Since it cannot be done with a single individual, fayol nown apply these principles precisely to to be as guide line and also a process to follow to enhance the smooth running of any given organisation

  103. Teke Robert Kgotlane
    i am from botswana (ghanzi district Council) working as an administrator i am highly inspired, motivated and mentored by the 14 principles, i would like to indicate that the 14 principles act as organizational fuel that propels the engines of the organizations e.g. employees for result realization. if really on this earth the 14 principles were to be internalized and regarded as organizational evangelism the world will be a better place

  104. The 14 principles are of greit significance to us learners and upcoming b/s persons. They shape and streamline our focus when it comes to mngt functions of the orgsnization

  105. what is d relationship between faylors administrative management theory and behavioural science theory

  106. Who propounded the following theories, 1.trait theory of educational administration 2.contingency theory of educational administration

  107. can you please tell me that is coca cola company following all the henri fayol’s 14 principles of management ?? if no…then which is it not following?

  108. Dear sir,
    its very urgent because i’m doing my business project in school so i need ur help .. we r doing business project on how punjab national bank (PNB) use fayol’s principle of management … so can u plz give us some suggestions that what questions should i ask to the (PNB) manager …
    suggest us some questions regarding principle of management on PNB

  109. i know that there are innovations, ideas, theories,and modifications across the globe on the best way to manage organizations,yet cursory look at Henryfayols, principles of management which have existed for well over a decade appears to be relevant in today,s world, with management ethos revolving around the principles

  110. Please tells me that
    If any organization has two boss (they are brother).
    Than what’s effect in organization. That organization was deploped or not…..

  111. These principles have facilitated management and thanks to the innovators. I have an asignment on the applicability of the classical theorists of management to leaders in the 21st century

  112. please give any reputable company that applies the henri fayol’s 14 principls of management( that is how those principles are used in that organization.


  113. The site is very educative and i finds it useful. Hope to receive more educative messages on my email through these site.

  114. Interesting read, I re-designed our blog and then the search rankings plummeted
    Had to add you to my weekly website list, keep up the interesting posts

  115. I’m a proudly student of public administration from the most respected state polytechnic(SPY) I perfectly enjoy your context.thanks.

  116. Thank u very much for this principle of management but please can we help me this
    QN. Using relevant example identify and show how various managerial skill can facilitate the achievement of organization goals.

  117. Thanks a lot for sharing with me a student of ucu university taking on BBA first year.God bless you.

  118. identify the 14 principle of management by henry fayol and give reason why the principle are not generally use in this modern days

  119. Hi
    my question is what may confront a manager who tries to possess the 14 principals of Henry fayol.

  120. I personally like the Fayolism Application of management # we find that most organizations have neglected the principle of Equity & Better Remuneration # How do we make sure This principles are set to be neutral & adhered to various Employees #

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