Healthcare 4.0: From Pathogenesis to Salutogenesis

Realizing that only 20% of health depends on the provision of healthcare services while 60% depends on social, environmental and behavioural factors, one needs to shift the focus from Pathogenesis: Treating the symptoms of illness, to Salutogenesis: Strengthening the social determinants of health and well-being in communities.

Main stream health organizations have transformed from:

OS 1.0: Traditional input-centric operations, revolving around doctors and healthcare insititutions, to

OS 2.0: Output-centric, revolving around evidence based, standards based, and science-centric ways of operating, to

OS 3.0: Patient-Centric experiences for organizing more seamless and innovative ways of providing healthcare services, to

OS 4.0: Strengthening the sources of health and well being (Salutogenesis)

This write up is based on the book – The Essentials of Theory U by MIT Prof. Dr. Otto Scharmer


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