MANAGEMENT SALT: Department Vs Company: Are you married to your department?

People join companies but get married to their departments.

All people who get married to their departments have a risk of becoming a problem for the company.

Departments have no real existence except for work distribution.

There are no successful departments in failed companies. Not really.

The mess that companies face just because people start identifying themselves as part of a department or SBU or a function would have been a good comedy film if it were not for the disastrous impact they have on the culture and performance of the organization.

The resultant politics is all about the benefit of some people at the cost of the majority.

Unfortunately, many well – meaning, good intention people get stuck into this blindspot.

Even some CEOs and top management encourage departmental thinking initially to manage work and control, but realize it when it is quite late that they have built a monster that will destroy their creation.

Wishing you all to get married to the company, better still – to the purpose of the company.

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