Management Salt: Is your culture dumbing the organization?

Fields of Conversation from Theory U by MIT Prof. Dr. Otto Scharmer

“Culture eats Employee Intelligence for breakfast.”

This can be new twist to the old quote “Culture eats Strategy for breakfast.”

The culture of an organization can be identified through the conversational field present in the organization.

Unfortunately a good chunk of organizations have a TALK NICE field of conversation, where in people tend to speak what others want to hear, specially what the seniors/powerful people want to hear; not rocking the boat, not addressing the difficult conversations powerfully enough.

This is the cancer of an organization. It causes the following:

  1. People progressively stop sharing their thoughts which are different than or at a tangent with the thought process of the senior.
  2. People reduce addressing of issues and problems
  3. People tend to reduce their engagement and ownership
  4. And there is no real motivation to do some rigorous thinking – given that ultimately I have just agree with the senior manager.

Overall people reduce sharing their real thoughts, they reduce their listening and drastically reduce the conscious mindful thinking.

Do you see this pattern in organizations and teams around you?

Manoj Onkar, MANAGEMENT INNOVATIONS,, 91-9106456275


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