Management Salt: Is it really a department problem?

In our consulting conversations, we find this situation many times.

Recently we were working with a CEO and his team. One day over dinner, we asked him about the various problems his company is dealing with. He said that his Head of Customer Service had a problem in delivering on time and while he and others are trying to help her, it is not working out.

Another business owner was sharing that her Sales Head was not able to meet the targets for the last 2 months and that has affected the whole years performance.

Another one complained that their process is complex and that they are late in giving their quotations to potential clients at least 40% of the time.

The real question is “Whose problem is it?”

Unfortunately, many more companies, than one would expect, operate from it is that concerned departments problem.

When we work with the top management to explore the source of the problems, the impact on the problems and how the problem shows up inside of their Vision and Intention – all of a sudden their relationship with the problem changes.

So, Are you dealing with a department level problem or is it something else?

Ego Vs Eco shows up as Silo Thinking in Corporates



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