As people and companies get to embrace the disruption (e.g. COVID 19) it is important to not only deal with the work, workflow, technology etc., but it is also important to manage the emotional space of people.

As many of us know, when we are listening, we are listening through the world of downloading, the voices of opinions, judgments, cynicism and fear.

In the disruption times, these voices get magnified many folds and sometimes it goes into feeding frenzy.

In those times, bringing the focus back on work – is a good idea; but alongwith that certain internal work has to be done.

Some people may find themselves in the following situations:

Most of the times, people don’t embrace their emotional states. They either indulge in their emotions or resist their emotions or hide or ignore them.

When we embrace our emotional states and create space for them. Then we create space for ourselves and space for new possibilities to emerge.

When people work on the top of their unresolved emotions, it affects their performance and behaviour in various ways including but not limited to irritation, lack of concentration, stress, avoidable mistakes, flaring up on small issues and many more…

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