Fulfil Your Purpose.

Don’t Survive. Don’t Succeed. Fulfill your Purpose. The more we spend time on thinking about surviving, making it in life, succeeding and all other entrapments that we have created for ourselves – the more we go away from our purpose. Consider NUMBERS are a SCAM. We have scammed ourselves out of real living by relating […]

Performance Dialogues & Performance Appraisals – the game changer

Transforming Performance Appraisals – Transforming Organizationhttps://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/114317974138 What is Performance Dialogue an Opportunity for? In the ritual of Performance Appraisals, most companies have realized that it is an exercise which is not giving the ROI desired. How can we use the Performance Appraisals and Performance Dialogues for creating a high empathy and high performance culture? Stop […]

Do you have something worthwhile to offer to the World?

Many people and companies have something worthwhile to offer to the World, but something stops them. What stops them? One critical aspect that stops them is EGO. Not just the traditional understanding of EGO, but EGO as boundary. Thinking from the EGO perspective is thinking from the silo perspective, thinking within the boundary of individual, […]

Leadership from the Emerging Future – A Special workshop for Entrepreneurs, Senior Management & Change Makers

https://bit.ly/LFEFCohort17 Learn and apply the principles of Transforming Perception – The first step for producing new kind of results for you and your team. For further information please contact: Manoj Onkar – manoj@managementinnovations.co.in; WhatsApp: 91-9106456275