Awareness based Sales & Customer Relationship – Part 1

A question generally not asked: What is your most important objective?

Not asked to the customer or any other stakeholder. But also not asked to oneself and one’s own company.

So, I am asking you:

What is your most important objective?

Go Deeper. Look deeper. Beyond the surface level responses and the generic responsibilities – What is your most important objective?

It is not a question that you answer and forget, but a question that you keep reflecting on.

How would it look like out in the world, if your intention is actually fulfilled? What would happen, what would be visible or experienced in the world if your intention is fulfilled?

The next dimension on the conversation is – Inside of your most important intention – who are the key customers and stakeholders? Who are the most important beneficiaries? Who are the important partners?

How can you connect and collaborate with them? What can you provide? How can you make a real difference with them?

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