Don’t Survive. Don’t Succeed. Fulfill your Purpose.

Peafowl, Peacock, Bird, Feathers, Pattern, Design

The more we spend time on thinking about surviving, making it in life, succeeding and all other entrapments that we have created for ourselves – the more we go away from our purpose.

Consider NUMBERS are a SCAM.

We have scammed ourselves out of real living by relating to every thing from the prism of numbers. Numbers may be important, but we tend to create them as our GOD and have everything be evaluated on the altar of numbers. We decide to be happy or not based on numbers. We rate our success based on numbers. From our school days to the end of life, we have brought numbers everywhere and our relationship with numbers is messed up.

This is relevant for us and individuals, family, school, organizations, society, country everywhere.

The marks in school tend to be made more important than the learning and education and the child itself. The money is becoming more important than everything else at personal and professional level. The GDP is becoming more important than citizens happiness and well-being.

What if we were not so obsessed by Numbers?

What would we spend our life on? What would we think? What would we do? What would we talk about? Who would we connect? What kind of work we would do?

—- This is a seed of a conversation…. continued further…

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