Creating New Realities through 3 Transformations – Part 1

3 Transformations for Creating New Realities

The first phase of any initiative of creating new realities – whether it is at organization level, community , family or at larger levels is *Transforming Perceptions*.

Transforming Perceptions has 3 aspects:

Transforming Perceptions

How does one transform perceptions? First we have to realize that no one, NO ONE is ever connected fully with reality. Whatever reality we are connected to, it is just a perception. A perception that gets treated as Reality – since that is the nature of the mind. Mind creates the thought or sometimes just gets the thought and then it relates to the thought as Reality.

We are all stuck with perceptions (lived as reality) about ourselves, about others, about the situations and challenges that we are dealing, about money, about life itself. The way out is to get out of our head and start dealing with life outside our world of perceptions.

That is why Open mind has 2 key dimensions: 1. Questioning the reality in your mind and 2. Holding multiple and seemingly opposites views together as possible realities.

Courses like the Leadership from the Emerging Future help you in developing muscle in transforming reality.

We learn to hear, see, feel and sense the reality from the eyes of other people.

Transforming Perceptions starts with having a breakthrough in our ability to listen deeply, listen with our mind and heart wide open. And to be able to connect with other human beings and their world views as equally valid world views.

If we as individuals and also as teams and groups can have a breakthrough in deep listening and sensing, then a new world of inter personal relationships, partnerships and co- creation would emerge, which is mostly not even dreamt of right now.

Dr. Otto Scharmer of MIT, the creator of Theory U; distinguishes listening at 4 levels as mentioned below:

Levels of Listening as distinguished by Dr. Otto Scharmer of MIT and Presencing Institute

Dr. Scharmer also did great research and discovered that our teams (including families) generally have 2 default fields of conversation i.e. Talking Nice or Talking Tough (Debate). When we can go beyond this 2 levels and create the conversational field of Dialogue (Reflective Listening) and Generative Flow (Collective creativity); then we create the foundation for new possibilities to emerge and be realized.

Thus, transforming perception includes transforming the individual and collective listening and sensing competencies and continual practice.

*** The next phase is *Transforming Self and Will*

(Read Part 2 and Part 3)

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