Creating New Realities through 3 Transformations – Part 2

3 Transformations for Creating New Realities

Read Part 1 – Transforming Perception

*** The next phase is *Transforming Self and Will*

Each of us has 2 selves. The smaller self which is consumed by the need for survival, success and ego trips. The higher self which is the reflection of God(if you believe in God) or universal consciousness. As a leader and as a human being, your real life and your real power are connected with your higher self. Everything else is force and struggle and of course suffering and avoiding suffering.

Small Self Vs Higher SELF
Survival Vs Fulfilling the Purpose of Life

When one gets connected to one’s higher self and higher purpose in life – then one can start living the life that one came to this planet for. The higher self is connected with all the higher selves on the planet and hence when one is connected to the higher self – then one moves from Ego to Eco i.e. one moves from thinking of the individual self to the collective self, from benefit of individuals or a small group to benefit and workability for everyone. Vasudeva Kutumbakam – The whole world is one family. Not just human beings but the whole world.

Once you get connected to your higher Self and purpose, you go through a process of Presencing and Crystallizing your Vision and intention. This is not an Vision you have, but more a Vision that wants you. It is a future that wants to emerge and is calling you to be in service of. You choose to be an instrument for the fulfillment of that vision and intention.

How do you get connected to the higher SELF and higher PURPOSE ?

Image representing Theory U. Theory U created by Dr. Otto Scharmer of MIT, USA.

On that journey, at the bottom of the U, lies an inner gate that requires us to drop everything that isn’t essential. This process of letting-go (of our old ego and self) and letting-come (our highest future possibility: our Self) establishes a subtle connection to a deeper source of knowing. The essence of presencing is that these two selves—our current self and our best future Self—meet at the bottom of the U and begin to listen and resonate with each other.

PRESENCING: The capacity to connect to the deepest sources of self—to go to the inner place of stillness where knowing comes to surface.

This journey is the shortest and the longest.

Shortest because it is the journey from the small self to the Higher SELF. Can be accomplished in a moment.

It is also the longest journey, since many people spend their whole lives not completing this journey and never really getting in touch with their higher SELF and their purpose.

The advanced workshops like *Transforming Self* are there to support the journey at the second phase.

The third phase is *Transforming Action*

(Read Part 3)

Warm Regards, Manoj Onkar, and

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