Creating New Realities through 3 Transformations – Part 3

3 Transformations for Creating New Realities

The third phase is *Transforming Action*

(Read Part 1 and Part 2 )

Most people are related to action through the eyes of discipline, will power, effort and struggle etc. The real opportunity is to relate to action as a medium of learning. Learning by doing. Taking actions that generate feedback from the relevant stakeholders. This phase is not an individual game but a collective game. A game of Co-initiation to Co-evolving with a core team, key stakeholders and then the concerned community at large.

With a team of people with similar intention, you can build a common intent (co-initiation). Then you can get on a collective learning journey in the co-sensing space by using the space of Observe, Observe, Observe (with your ears, eyes, mind and heart wide open).

Then you and the team step back and reflect and get connected to your inner knowing and get connected to the deeper source of inspiration. It is a further crystallization of the intention and how you could experiment on it in a microcosm to test your hypothesis.

After hundreds (or less) of prototypes testing your various ideas in all dimensions you start to co-create new products, services, frameworks or whatever else you are out to create.

The final space within the space of Transforming action is the space of Co-evolving and Institutionalizing the new reality.

Of course this is a long long journey shared in couple of words, but there are couple of important dimensions that one also needs to understand. Two main points are : 1. Most big changes or new realities involve some form of systems change. 2. Every change process requires inner development work (inner transformation).

The system change principles can be captured by the following picture.

Systems Consciousness for long term sustainable change

It requires an understanding that there are visible symptoms like the tip of the iceberg, there are structures and thought patterns and other source dimensions which constitute the invisible 90% of the iceberg. It will take another full blog to explain this systems change aspect in details and it will be available on this blog in the near future.

On personal level, individuals and leaders need to develop the competency of deep listening, sensing and sense-making. Learn the U process as captured in the image below:

U Process for all leaders and change makers

and also need to develop oneself internally as captured in the following images:

Blind Spot of Leadership: The success of the intervention depends on the interior condition of the intervenor.
Capability of sensing the future with open mind, open heart and open will.

Further details will be captured in the follow up blogs.

Warm Regards, Manoj Onkar, and

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