Secret for Improving Employee Engagement

Dear Managers and Leaders, What all are you doing for improving employee engagement?

How do you measure employee engagement?

What is the benefit of improving employee engagement?

All the above questions are valid. But may be the more useful question is: ARE YOU ENGAGED ?

Are you engaged in the selection of the employee? in the on-boarding? training and development of the employee?

Do you know her most important objectives of life? her challenges, ambitions, dreams etc.,

Are you engaged with your employees OR have you outsourced it to HR?

May be HR can play a role but it is you the business leader/supervisor/ MD/CEO to be engaged with your employees otherwise they can’t reciprocate the same?

Are you listening to them, do they feel heard, valued, treated as an important partner and contributor OR just a clog in the wheel?

Find a way to connect to them not only as their role , but also as a human being with a world inside them and around them.

What do you think?


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