There are times – when things don’t work. You put in all the efforts , but things didn’t work out. Everything was lined up and you were on the winning path – and somehow – it didn’t work. Hopes were up, but alas!

Each one of us has had those moments of things not working out the way we expected – Breakdowns, failures, mess ups and some more.

What do we do now?

Many a times, we find ourselves going in our head.

Blaming self, blaming others, regret, fear, worry, reactions, sadness, being dejected, demotivated and the related community of emotions. We may also respond by making some decisions or working hard or giving up etc.,


In the midst of the whole upheavel, most of us lose our attention on our intention and we are distracted as mentioned earlier.

The opportunity to ask ourselves: What is my intention here? What is my big intention here?

Once we get reconnected to our intention – a certain space opens up. We get unstuck. We can breathe. New thougths open. New actions become possible.New ways of looking at the issues – new perceptions, new paradigms open up.

If we train ourselves in deep listening and sensing, there is a clearing for the future that wants to emerge can emerge.

Presencing Vs Absencing

As mentioned by Dr. Otto Scharmer in Theory U, by putting our attention back on our intention, we can come back to the space of Presencing instead of the negative cycle of Absencing.

This conversation is connected to the workshop Leadership from the Emerging Future offered by Emerging Futurz. You can contact the author for more info at Regards Manoj Onkar.

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