Organizational Transformation Pathway – Part 1

There are as many pathways for an organization’s transformation as there are organizations. The pathway one chooses has to be a match for the organizational dynamics one is dealing with at the given moment. First Steps: 3 Dimensions of Organizational Transformation: Key Phases of Organizational Transformation inside of the first dimension of SENSING – Transforming […]

Emerging Futurz Vision

VISION: Individuals, families, communities and organizations through transformed awarenesscreating SYSTEMSthat enable expression of higher Selfand extraordinary, sustainable quality of life for all. Our Intentions: Work with individuals, families, organizations, and societies for the following: What does it mean? 1st Dimension : Individuals, families, communities and organizations accessing and / or generating transformed awareness. Awareness of […]

PCG Growth Matrix

One of the simplest theory I have used with my clients to help them plan their growth strategy is what I call as the PCG Growth Matrix. P = Product Portfolio ; C = Customer Segments and G = Geography. All expansion plans can be looked from the perspective of the product portfolio expansion; customer […]