One of the simplest theory I have used with my clients to help them plan their growth strategy is what I call as the PCG Growth Matrix. P = Product Portfolio ; C = Customer Segments and G = Geography. All expansion plans can be looked from the perspective of the product portfolio expansion; customer segment expansion and geo presence expansion.

In each of the matrix aspects, again there is a choice of breadth Vs depth.

Depth Vs Breadth

In each case, on has an option of depth Vs breadth. For example, in the case of product portfolio, one can have the breadth of various products and the depth of variants of existing products depending on the market needs and potential.

In case of customer segments, one can look at increasing customer segments that the company serves and also look at more market share and wallet share from the existing customer segments.

Similarly from the perspective of geo-expansion, one can look at expanding the geographies that the company is servicing and also look at increasing the concentration within the existing geographies.

An additional C can be added to make it a PCCG matrix – is the channel partners that you choose for your PCG.

What is good for your company at this time?

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