Individuals, families, communities and organizations through transformed awareness
creating SYSTEMS
that enable expression of higher Self
and extraordinary, sustainable quality of life for all.

Our Intentions:

Work with individuals, families, organizations, and societies for the following:

  1. To shift the awareness from ego-centric to eco-centric
  2. To shift the awareness from individual centric to system centric such that people can see the systems that are at play causing the current reality
  3. Through awareness based collective action bring change in the systems such that the system can take care of all the stakeholders and create equitable results for all

What does it mean?

1st Dimension : Individuals, families, communities and organizations accessing and / or generating transformed awareness. Awareness of what? Awareness of the EGO and the awareness of the ECO. How we as human beings have been living in the ego centric way at the unimagined cost to the planet, to all sentient beings, to each other and to self.

EGO : Living with a boundary view. Living of thinking of people and situations within a boundary and being unmindful of people and situations outside of this boundary. e.g. me, my family, my friends,my community, my department, my company, my religion, my country etc., etc., This ego centric thinking that we have inherited as human beings is at the source of the disaster all around.

Dr. Otto Scharmer of M.I.T points out that we can see the world from the view of 3 divides:

3 Divides and the 8 Acupuncture Points

The ECO Divide – which has human beings disconnected with nature and we know what disasters are happening because of that.

The Social Divide – human beings are disconnected with each other and that has created mess in so many different ways including wars, religion, politics, exploitation, fear, inequality and what not.

The Spiritual Divide – we as human beings are disconnected with our higher self; our highest future possibility – causing us to live lives of survival, hollowness, driven, lonely and sad lives.

We can talk a lot about the 3 divides and the world we live in, but that is another blog , another time.

As Emerging Futurz, we are committed to create awareness of this ego centric way of living and also create the possibility of eco centric way of living. Living as if the world mattered, people mattered and living as if we are all interconnected, inter dependent and may be even have a profound relationship that we are not aware of.

2nd Dimension :

As depicted in the image above, the symptoms ( the visible current reality; the 3 divides & the mess) is sustained in existence because of certain underlying structures including industry structures, government policy structures, financial, social or other structures. These structures are deep rooted in certain thought paradigms e.g.: inequality will remain.

Emerging Futurz has the intention that through transformed awareness, we are able to see the limitations, the unfairness and the bankruptcy of the current systems and are able to create systems that enable expression of the higher self – everywhere, everyone and there is a high quality of life available to one and all on a sustainable basis.

How this intention will show up in organizations, education field, healthcare, finance, governance, industry and so forth will be be a function of the co-creation of the like minded committed people who associate with the spirit of Emerging Futurz.

Emerging Futurz, offers various workshops, coaching, consulting and advisory services on a for profit as well as on pro bono basis to spread the opportunity of transformed awareness and co-creation of new systems in all areas of our lives.

The future needs you.

Feel free to connect with us on

The core team members include Ferdi, Vivek , Manoj , Nilesh, SK, Raaj & Viji.

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