How long term do you think ?

Organization building can be thought as a long term game. 25 years and beyond. Next generation. Built to last. Of course it depends on the founders and the top management. What is the purpose and vision for which this organization is being built ?

Is it an ego vision or an eco vision ?Ego means you are thinking within a boundary, boundary of self or company or shareholders etc. It will include things like industry ranking, market share, revenue number or similar metrics. Eco means you are thinking holistically, aware of all the stakeholders, people, planet and everything.

If the Universe could speak, or if the planet could speak – would it be interested in your vision ?

Next phase is to look at how many people in the organization are aligned to the Vision? It is simple. Ask a sample size of people from your organization and key stakeholders to write down what they think is the vision of the organization in their own words. You can then read those inputs and see the level of awareness and alignment.

Connecting to ones’ individual purpose and collective purpose – specially of the core team, is a starting point for discovering and articulating the Vision.

Our workshops and connected coaching structure that enables the Visioning process includes the following:

  1. Transforming Perception – Leadership from the Emerging Future
  2. Transforming Self
  3. Intention to Reality

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