FREE ADVISORY SERVICE – Consulting,Mentoring,Coaching,Training & Counselling

An Experiment in Open Source Consulting. We are starting a breakthrough concept. FREE CONSULTING, MENTORING, COACHING & COUNSELLING. We will start with free consulting online on a wide variety of topics: VISION, MISSION & CORE VALUE – creation and org. alignment GROWTH STRATEGY OD, CULTURE BUILDING, LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROCESS CONSULTING MARKETING (offline, online & eCommerce) […]

Terms and Conditions for FREE Consulting Services

Terms and Conditions for FREE Consulting Services:  Consulting Services available will include Consulting,Mentoring,Coaching, Training, Counselling. All companies and individuals requesting the FREE Consulting will be sending the details of their company and the topics on which they want these advisory services by email or on the blogs. For any further clarity on any of the […]