Creating New Realities through 3 Transformations – Part 3

3 Transformations for Creating New Realities

The third phase is *Transforming Action*

(Read Part 1 and Part 2 )

Most people are related to action through the eyes of discipline, will power, effort and struggle etc. The real opportunity is to relate to action as a medium of learning. Learning by doing. Taking actions that generate feedback from the relevant stakeholders. This phase is not an individual game but a collective game. A game of Co-initiation to Co-evolving with a core team, key stakeholders and then the concerned community at large.

With a team of people with similar intention, you can build a common intent (co-initiation). Then you can get on a collective learning journey in the co-sensing space by using the space of Observe, Observe, Observe (with your ears, eyes, mind and heart wide open).

Then you and the team step back and reflect and get connected to your inner knowing and get connected to the deeper source of inspiration. It is a further crystallization of the intention and how you could experiment on it in a microcosm to test your hypothesis.

After hundreds (or less) of prototypes testing your various ideas in all dimensions you start to co-create new products, services, frameworks or whatever else you are out to create.

The final space within the space of Transforming action is the space of Co-evolving and Institutionalizing the new reality.

Of course this is a long long journey shared in couple of words, but there are couple of important dimensions that one also needs to understand. Two main points are : 1. Most big changes or new realities involve some form of systems change. 2. Every change process requires inner development work (inner transformation).

The system change principles can be captured by the following picture.

Systems Consciousness for long term sustainable change

It requires an understanding that there are visible symptoms like the tip of the iceberg, there are structures and thought patterns and other source dimensions which constitute the invisible 90% of the iceberg. It will take another full blog to explain this systems change aspect in details and it will be available on this blog in the near future.

On personal level, individuals and leaders need to develop the competency of deep listening, sensing and sense-making. Learn the U process as captured in the image below:

U Process for all leaders and change makers

and also need to develop oneself internally as captured in the following images:

Blind Spot of Leadership: The success of the intervention depends on the interior condition of the intervenor.
Capability of sensing the future with open mind, open heart and open will.

Further details will be captured in the follow up blogs.

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Creating New Realities through 3 Transformations – Part 2

3 Transformations for Creating New Realities

Read Part 1 – Transforming Perception

*** The next phase is *Transforming Self and Will*

Each of us has 2 selves. The smaller self which is consumed by the need for survival, success and ego trips. The higher self which is the reflection of God(if you believe in God) or universal consciousness. As a leader and as a human being, your real life and your real power are connected with your higher self. Everything else is force and struggle and of course suffering and avoiding suffering.

Small Self Vs Higher SELF
Survival Vs Fulfilling the Purpose of Life

When one gets connected to one’s higher self and higher purpose in life – then one can start living the life that one came to this planet for. The higher self is connected with all the higher selves on the planet and hence when one is connected to the higher self – then one moves from Ego to Eco i.e. one moves from thinking of the individual self to the collective self, from benefit of individuals or a small group to benefit and workability for everyone. Vasudeva Kutumbakam – The whole world is one family. Not just human beings but the whole world.

Once you get connected to your higher Self and purpose, you go through a process of Presencing and Crystallizing your Vision and intention. This is not an Vision you have, but more a Vision that wants you. It is a future that wants to emerge and is calling you to be in service of. You choose to be an instrument for the fulfillment of that vision and intention.

How do you get connected to the higher SELF and higher PURPOSE ?

Image representing Theory U. Theory U created by Dr. Otto Scharmer of MIT, USA.

On that journey, at the bottom of the U, lies an inner gate that requires us to drop everything that isn’t essential. This process of letting-go (of our old ego and self) and letting-come (our highest future possibility: our Self) establishes a subtle connection to a deeper source of knowing. The essence of presencing is that these two selves—our current self and our best future Self—meet at the bottom of the U and begin to listen and resonate with each other.

PRESENCING: The capacity to connect to the deepest sources of self—to go to the inner place of stillness where knowing comes to surface.

This journey is the shortest and the longest.

Shortest because it is the journey from the small self to the Higher SELF. Can be accomplished in a moment.

It is also the longest journey, since many people spend their whole lives not completing this journey and never really getting in touch with their higher SELF and their purpose.

The advanced workshops like *Transforming Self* are there to support the journey at the second phase.

The third phase is *Transforming Action*

(Read Part 3)

Warm Regards, Manoj Onkar, and

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Creating New Realities through 3 Transformations – Part 1

3 Transformations for Creating New Realities

The first phase of any initiative of creating new realities – whether it is at organization level, community , family or at larger levels is *Transforming Perceptions*.

Transforming Perceptions has 3 aspects:

Transforming Perceptions

How does one transform perceptions? First we have to realize that no one, NO ONE is ever connected fully with reality. Whatever reality we are connected to, it is just a perception. A perception that gets treated as Reality – since that is the nature of the mind. Mind creates the thought or sometimes just gets the thought and then it relates to the thought as Reality.

We are all stuck with perceptions (lived as reality) about ourselves, about others, about the situations and challenges that we are dealing, about money, about life itself. The way out is to get out of our head and start dealing with life outside our world of perceptions.

That is why Open mind has 2 key dimensions: 1. Questioning the reality in your mind and 2. Holding multiple and seemingly opposites views together as possible realities.

Courses like the Leadership from the Emerging Future help you in developing muscle in transforming reality.

We learn to hear, see, feel and sense the reality from the eyes of other people.

Transforming Perceptions starts with having a breakthrough in our ability to listen deeply, listen with our mind and heart wide open. And to be able to connect with other human beings and their world views as equally valid world views.

If we as individuals and also as teams and groups can have a breakthrough in deep listening and sensing, then a new world of inter personal relationships, partnerships and co- creation would emerge, which is mostly not even dreamt of right now.

Dr. Otto Scharmer of MIT, the creator of Theory U; distinguishes listening at 4 levels as mentioned below:

Levels of Listening as distinguished by Dr. Otto Scharmer of MIT and Presencing Institute

Dr. Scharmer also did great research and discovered that our teams (including families) generally have 2 default fields of conversation i.e. Talking Nice or Talking Tough (Debate). When we can go beyond this 2 levels and create the conversational field of Dialogue (Reflective Listening) and Generative Flow (Collective creativity); then we create the foundation for new possibilities to emerge and be realized.

Thus, transforming perception includes transforming the individual and collective listening and sensing competencies and continual practice.

*** The next phase is *Transforming Self and Will*

(Read Part 2 and Part 3)

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We have been consulting an investor ( a strategic VC Operations) on investing in various projects.

Common findings:

  • The entrepreneurs who had approached the investors were operating more from their gut feelings than from data.
  • They are very optimistic about their future prospects, even though they have been facing tough times for a long time.
  • The data of the best possible scenario is generally referred to as the standard expected scenario, which is never even remotely close.
  • Expenditures are considered on a very loose levels and always underestimated.
  • Lot of challenges are discounted and overlooked till the time they become big and unconfrontable.
  • Competition is never given its dues in terms of considering market share, marketing, sales and talent retention challenges.
  • Sweeping generalities become the business plan instead of data oriented thought through strategies.
  • Cash Flow is expected to be taken care of, by the expected business revenue – which generally fail to be as per the expectations.
  • Challenges faced by the industry as a whole, are not fully considered and rarely brainstormed to create innovative solutions.
  • Scant respect for Financial Planning, strategy, HR, training and development are seen in many cases.
  • Employees are expected to be automatically aligned to the vision that is hidden in the mind of the promoters.

These are some of the observations, but definitely not applicable to everyone.

Many entreprenuers have demonstrated that they do not fall in the above pitfalls and they steer their organizations to great success and sustained performance standards by combining the entreprenuers fire in the belly, with the strategy and systems.


  1. Have accurate data of the past and realistic data about the future.
  2. Have all industry related information handy.
  3. Have your financial data impeccable and ready to discuss.
  4. Have your competition and various factors affecting your organization performance detailed out.
  5. Have a strong strategy and marketing plan.
  6. What are the Key requirements for success in your industry, is it technolgoy, manpower, skills, market converage? Have all the bases worked out.
  7. Realistic Growth Plans.
  8. Detailed SWOT Analysis or the reverse TOWS Analysis.
  9. Create a realistic picture of the Opportunites and Challenges and your plans for dealing with them.
  10. Clearly identify the areas where you have not yet sorted out things or you would like inputs or are working out external inputs.
  11. Have guidance from professionals like CAs, Management Consultants, Govt. liasoning officers etc., as required.
  12. Create 3 plans , worst scenario, best scenario and realistic scenario.

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Consultative Sales – First Step – Pre Sales Preparation

Pre Sales Preparation is one of the most under estimated sales tool. Over a period of time, pre sales preparation gets compromised for one reason or the other. There is always some other urgent, seemingly more important work running the clock, and this foundation keeps getting neglected.

Consultative Sales is built on Credibility. Credibility is built on knowledge and mastery. Knowledge and Mastery of one’s own industry, products, services, past projects, difference made to the customers businesses, successes and breakdowns.

One also needs to know the competitors, their products, services, strengths, weaknesses, strategies etc.,

Most importantly, we need to learn the customer’s company, industry, the challenges, the opportunities and what are the best ways that we can make a difference to these potential or existing clients.

Every dollar invested in pre sales preparation will pay back atleast 100 times.

To know what and how you need to do pre sales preparation for your business, feel free to get in touch with us.


Complaints and Unfulfilled Expectations against Management Consultants

We invite all of you to write to us on or on this blog, based on your first hand experiences, what have been your moments of dissatisfaction, what have been your complaints, where you have found the Management Consultants not delivering your expectations, where have you found them not in your world.

The opportunity is to share and create awareness and also get inputs on what to do in such situations. 

This would be a WIN WIN for the clients and the consultants reading this blog.

Requested to avoid the names of the consultants and the consultancy firms.


Recommended Readings for Recession Times

If you have not read by now, or even if you have read it once, good time to re- read the extra ordinary book and concept by Management Guru – C.K. Prahlad – “The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid”.

The biggest innovations in the management field have been the new, out of the box, revenue models and business models.

Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid concept gets companies access to markets, which were generally not even considered as potential markets ( and of course they are the bigger ocean).

Companies will have to rethink their business models, but those new business models created for tapping the bottom of the pyramid may alter the history of the enterprise as well as the industry and it has a parallel opportunity to make a big difference to the society, while taking care of the stake holders and the stock holders requirements.

Along with that we also recommend the book BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY.

Using both the books as reference points, one can create a unique strategy which will help the companies whether small or big, to emerge as WINNERS in the current times as well as in the future to come.


Strategy Implementation – BSC (Balanced Scorecard way)

Balanced Scorecard by Dr. Robert Kaplan and Dr. David Norton is one of the strong tools available currently in supporting the companies to get clear of their strategy and to do holistic, organization wide implementation. Strategy Maps and Balanced scorecards are very useful tools for strategy planning, communication, monitoring, evaluation, course correction and overall implementation.

Ensuring that the strategy implementations is done powerfully on all the 4 perspective of Finance, Customer, Process and Capability perspectives, organizations can ensure that on a daily basis they are moving forward in the strategy implementation.

Highly committed and transformed organizations also have couple of other dimensions including Impact on Society.

Different organizations depending on their genre will have different focus, e.g. government, NGO and similar organizations may not be highly focused on the financial perspective.

R&D organizations, Manufacturing Organizations etc., may have extra focus on the process perspective.

“Learning organizations” may focus more on the capability, learning and growth perspective.

But each and every organization committed to sustainable growth have to have balanced growth.

Team alignment, each department scorecard, each individual scorecard, the vertical and horizontal alignment and the lead and lag measures are very useful dimensions of implementing strategy the BSC way.

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FREE ADVISORY SERVICE – Consulting,Mentoring,Coaching,Training & Counselling

An Experiment in Open Source Consulting.
We are starting a breakthrough concept. FREE CONSULTING, MENTORING, COACHING & COUNSELLING.
We will start with free consulting online on a wide variety of topics:

  1. VISION, MISSION & CORE VALUE – creation and org. alignment
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  8. TRAINING (Sales, Customer Care, Marketing, Leadership, Soft Skills,Attitude, Team Work etc.,)