Do you have something worthwhile to offer to the World?

Many people and companies have something worthwhile to offer to the World, but something stops them. What stops them? One critical aspect that stops them is EGO. Not just the traditional understanding of EGO, but EGO as boundary. Thinking from the EGO perspective is thinking from the silo perspective, thinking within the boundary of individual, […]

Transforming Business & Leadership

Leadership from the Emerging Future 3 Transformations as the foundation of this new kind of Leadership Transforming how you perceive others and how you perceive situations, challenges and opportunities that you are dealing with Transforming how you perceive Self Transforming how others perceive you

Business Ethics – Various Definitions and Theories

Business Ethics: The principles of conduct governing an individual or a group. Business Ethics: Ethics is the study of Morality. ¬† Ethics is not the same as morality, it is a study¬† of various dimensions of Morality. Ethics is the discipline that examines one’s moral standards or the moral standards of a society. WHAT IS […]