Consultative Sales – First Step – Pre Sales Preparation

Pre Sales Preparation is one of the most under estimated sales tool. Over a period of time, pre sales preparation gets compromised for one reason or the other. There is always some other urgent, seemingly more important work running the clock, and this foundation keeps getting neglected. Consultative Sales is built on Credibility. Credibility is […]


What kind of topics are required to be covered in the sales trainings? How long is the Sales training supposed to be? What is the required frequency of the Sales training ? First things first. * Do the Sales Team have the basic communication skills, if not, deal with that immediately or find repalcements. * […]

Consultative Sales (Customers come to you during Recession also)

Like you go to the doctors, when you have a problem. Consultative Sales will help you get connected and engaged with the customers to the level that they would come to you first for solving the problems that they are facing. Sales Training, Pre Sales, SPIN Selling, Consultative Sales, Proposal Making, Proposing Solutions, Negotiations, Closing […]