Spin Selling by Huthwaite UK is one of the highly researched sales models. Neil Rackham also has published books on SPIN SELLING including Handbook of field Sales. We can support companies in converting all their marketing and selling in alignment with the principles of the SPIN selling models. The Presales, the Appointment Process, the Understanding […]

Consultative Sales

Consultative Sales methods like SPIN Selling, Action Selling and other world class sales methodologies are important not only for the sales team, but for actually the whole company. One of the top management consultants had once mentioned – how many sales people should be there in a company. As many as the No. of staff […]

Consultative Sales (Customers come to you during Recession also)

Like you go to the doctors, when you have a problem. Consultative Sales will help you get connected and engaged with the customers to the level that they would come to you first for solving the problems that they are facing. Sales Training, Pre Sales, SPIN Selling, Consultative Sales, Proposal Making, Proposing Solutions, Negotiations, Closing […]