We have been consulting an investor ( a strategic VC Operations) on investing in various projects. Common findings: The entrepreneurs who had approached the investors were operating more from their gut feelings than from data. They are very optimistic about their future prospects, even though they have been facing tough times for a long time. […]

TOWS – Threat, Opportunity, Weakness, Strengths

SWOT has been the standard approach for any business analysis and personal analysis. Now the trend is to look at the Threats first, and hence the reverse approach to start with T O W S. SWOT can be said to be Inside out way of thinking and TOWS can be said to be the outside […]

Strategy Creation – SWOT, TOWS & Blue Ocean Thinking

Strategy creation begins with SWOT or actually better is TOWS i.e. SWOT in reverse. Starting with Threats, Opportunities, Weakness and Strengths. As we facilitate the TOWS analysis, you will see lot of inputs on which you can create the strategy. Industry Analysis, Competition Analysis and Blue Ocean Thinking. Organizational Strategy will also include product strategy, […]