• Supporting in POLICIES AND PROCESSES – REINTERPRETATION & REFINEMENT based on the Vision, Mission and Core Values.
  • Creating Operating guidelines for each and every role holder inside of the Vision,Mission and Core Values
  • Facilitating Creating Strategies for the short term and long term growth strategy. We recommend using the Blue Ocean Strategy along with TOWS (SWOT) as the starting point of planning.
  • Guiding in the Strategy Implementation. We recommend the BSC – Balanced Score Card given approach as the guiding principle for Strategy Implemenation.
  • Creating Systemic and Systematic Change Management disciplince.


  • Facilitate creation of the Marketing Strategy
  • Guiding on Shortlisting of the Target Market Segments
  • Advice on Creating Specific Strategies for each Specific Target Market Segment.
  • Support on Implementing the Marketing Strategies including using various medium including eStrategies
  • Guidelines for ongoing monitoring, feedback and updating the Marketing Strategies.
  • Continuous innovation and work on Branding and Positioning.
  • Inputs on Online Marketing



  • Training and coaching people on the World Best Consultative Sales Models ( We recommend Huthwaite’s SPIN Model as the foundation for learning Consultative Sales. There are some other good models which can also be used)
  • Guiding people on Key Account Management Strategies.
  • Guiding people on Relationship Marketing as building long term mutually rewarding and respecting relationships with clients.
  • Guiding in Channel Management and Market Coverage Strategies and Implementation
  • Facilitating a Sales and Marketing oriented culture in the organization.
  • Creating a result oriented culture with strong MIS and reporting systems with continuous updates, feedback, coaching, interventions.
  • Guiding on Online Sales, Web Stores, ECommerce, Online Business, Online Lead Generation



  • Guide in Creating Performance Based Culture fostering leadership,initiative, ownership and result orientedness.
  • Facilitating KRA setting, performance management, performance appraisal, issue resolutions, teamwork, and growth orientation. 
  • Guide in Creating HR as a strong back bone enriching and supporting the vision, mission, core values and the strategy implementation.
  • Advise on Creating People Development and Talent Management as everyday responsibility of the Supervisors and Managers and integrating it with everyone’s KRAs and Performance Appraisals.



  • Vision, Mission, Core Values – Consulting and Workshops.
  • Strategy Creation – Consulting and Workshops
  • Market Segmentation – Consulting and Workshops
  • Consultative Sales – Consulting, Workshops & Coaching Camps
  • Leadership, Managerial and Supervisory Development, Soft Skills, Attitude, TeamBuilding, Holistic Self Development – Consulting, Workshops and Coaching Camps


Our Work in Education Field Sunday, Nov 23 2008 

As management consultants and advisers, we have had the privilege to work on various interesting and esteemed projects in the field of Education.


  1. Delhi Public School, Ahmedabad   – a K-12 CBSE School
  2. Calorex Institute of Technology – a VLSI Chip Design Institute
  3. DPS Prerna (DPS Nalanda) – A School for Dyslexic Children
  4. VISAMO – a Special Initiative for children from BPL families
  5. Zydus School for Excellence – a K-12 school from the house of Zydus Cadila.



Various Activities that we have provided valuable inputs and guidance include:


  1. Market Research
  2. Organizational Positioning
  3. Pricing
  4. Marketing
  5. Sales
  6. Staff Selection and Induction
  7. Teaching Staff ongoing Training & Development
  8. Admin Staff and Support Staff Orientation
  9. Customer Orientation
  10. HR & Employee Engagement
  11. Overall Growth and development


For further information contact:


Profile for Your Reference Monday, Nov 10 2008 

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What is your vision? What is your dream? Monday, Nov 10 2008 

What is your dream and vision for your organization, we are here to support you in fulfilling the same.

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If you want support in articulating your vision? Getting clear on the plans for your business?

or creating strategies for your business growth or dealing with any other challenges like Marketing/Sales/HR/Systems/Processes/Training

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Terms and Conditions for FREE Consulting Services Tuesday, Nov 4 2008 

Terms and Conditions for FREE Consulting Services: 

  1. Consulting Services available will include Consulting,Mentoring,Coaching, Training, Counselling.
  2. All companies and individuals requesting the FREE Consulting will be sending the details of their company and the topics on which they want these advisory services by email or on the blogs.
  3. For any further clarity on any of the responses provided, the concerned companies and individuals will have the freedom to be in communication on email/blog again without any charges whatsoever.
  4. In extra ordinary circumstances, telephonic services may be provided on the sole decision of Management Innovations.
  5. Customers using these services are expected to be sharing back the results and progress that they accomplish utilizing our services and we expect to get testimonials and recommendations from them.
  6. Management Innovations will reserve all the rights to use the database for its website or blogs as client profiles and client testimonials. But no information will be shared with any other party. We are completely against SPAM and will not do or allow anybody to do any spamming.
  7. All the advisory services will be given to the best of our ability and based on the information shared. Management Innovations and the consultants involved will not have any liability towards the actual implementation or the actual results and that will remain the complete responsibility of the company and the people involved.
  8. For any further clarification, please feel free to ask on the blog or by email to