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What is Performance Dialogue an Opportunity for?

In the ritual of Performance Appraisals, most companies have realized that it is an exercise which is not giving the ROI desired.

How can we use the Performance Appraisals and Performance Dialogues for creating a high empathy and high performance culture?

  1. Stop taking it as a formality to complete.

2. Create a powerful context for managers to be in the mode of listening and learning.

3. Train everyone in Deep Listening, Sensing and Co-creating.

Separate the discussions on past performance and future planning and if possible schedule different meetings/interactions for the same.

In the first phase of getting data and perspectives on past performance, convert the sessions into learning and open discussion sessions for both the managers and the team members. Create the space for discovering new data, new perspectives, actual information about the market, the field, the challenges, opportunities, the changes etc.,

Also an opportunity for the company to be in a learning mode, where inputs and insights from the first round of performance dialogues can be discussed and if collective creativity is practiced along with factual listening and empathic listening – this can be a great opportunity to sense the emerging future and make changes in the processes, products, offerings, sales, marketing, communication to be in sync with the trends and hidden opportunities.

This year the Performance Dialogues can be the game changer.

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We need to notice the 24 * 7 downloading that we are doing as we listen through our opinions and judgements and still think that we have a very open mind. This simple yet difficult shift is the foundation stone for a new culture of high empathy and high performance. Also the foundation for meaningful performance dialogues.

Of course there are many other dimensions to manage from the world of competencies, KPI and strategy, but no deep listening no new future emerging.

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