Dear Entrepreneurs : Why do you start a business?

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While coaching a young entrepreneur recently, I realized that she was creating lot of mental pressure on herself. Her venture had gone live only 3 months back and she was already getting overwhelmed.

Little probing brought up the following conversations:

  1. Father is also investor
  2. I need to prove to my parents. They should be ok with me.
  3. I left the job opportunity to start this business. I need to make it successful.
  4. I hope I am not doing something wrong.
  5. I hope things work out, fast.

After little coaching, she could free herself from the pressure of proving herself to anyone.

Then I asked why she had chosen the particular field of business.

Again a connection to a disempowering experience from the past was one of the triggers for selecting the field of business.

Next thing that came up in the conversation was her competency.

She was of the opinion that her competency was limited to the education she had.

Little coaching helped her to see that her strength (her education in this case) doesn’t have to become her limitation. Soon, she got in touch with her passion to contribute to people and her competency to understand the real needs of the customers and her ability to design products which can serve the customer needs better than what is currently available in the market.

A short conversation took away a big load off her head and she was left empowered to build her business empire.

Takeaways: 1. One can be free of the need to proving oneself. 2. When you connect to your higher self, you can build a business as an extension of your purpose in life.

Theory U: Leading From the Emerging Future - PDF Free Download

The success of the enterprise depends on the interior condition of the entrepreneur.

The interior condition has 3 facets:

1. The quality of attention

2. The quality of intention and

3. The quality of presence

As an entrepreneur when you are distracted your quality of attention gets compromised.

When you are connected to your higher self, you can have a bigger intention and you can develop your ability to be in the present and be able to sense the future that is wanting to emerge.


We love to support entrepreneurs and leaders to create organizations that they are proud of.

Manoj Onkar, Management Innovations & Emerging Futurz


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